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Concrete Countertops

In this kitchen, the homeowners wanted a combination of colors and patterns.  The counter across the back wall is a solid dark charcoal, while the island has a earthy mix of colors drawn from the slate backsplash and stonework featured on their fireplace.  Their common living area is all open so it was important that all the materials work together.  There is a built-in drain board adjacent to the sink to make it easy to dry dishes without a mess.

Netherlands KitchenCounter


Concrete Kitchen Countertop




This is a close-up of the concrete on their island.  You can see the pattern with the different colors that make it look like it was created by Mother Earth.Concrete Bathroom counter with separate sink 






This bathroom counter was made with similar colors but has a slightly different pattern.  Each countertop is hand made and is one of a kind.    This particular countertop is used with a commercially purchased sink.







This bathroom countertop sink combination is also concrete. It is all one piece with no crevices to clean!







Here’s another bathroom countertop.  This one is actually part of a double vanity.  It is a soft mottled oatmeal color with commercially purchased sinks.









This is a sample of a countertop made for a customer’s kitchen.  Stay tuned for pictures of the countertop installed!

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